Review of the Book "Factfulness" by the Legendary Doctor Hans Rosling

Factfulness : Hans Rosling’s epitaph , a stark reminder to the world that , we are getting better , faster and more awesome than we think . Most difficulty of the past is gone now and the future is bright. The Eurocentric view of the world is changing , and "change is the only thing that is  constant "- Professor PJ Phillip. 

The worlds pin code is changing  from 1114 : 1 billion in America , 1 billion in Europe 1 billion in Africa and 4 billion in Asia, to to 1146 : 1 Billion in America , 1 billion in Europe , 4 billion in Africa and 6 billion in Asia . The entire equation of trade and commerce is moving in favour of the developing economies. Everyone needs to quickly understand that and make their moves or accept the fact that they will be subject to the whims of a new world order .  
Yes these continents, countries and society as a whole have a lot of issues and that is a fact we cannot take for granted. Hans mentions that India is today where Sweden was 4 decades ago , but the rate at which India achieved its results is exponentially faster than Sweden could have ever done . 
The leap frog effect , this effect is the best most wonderful observation I have ever come across where whole generations of people Jump from level 2 to level 4 instantly just like blitz scaling.

 Income  "Levels" ( Starting from level 1 to level 4 , with level 4 being the highest ) are a metric devised by Dr Hans to describe the different levels of income people around the world earn and their ability to access resources to live better lives based on that level. 

This link will help understanding  it more 

Even the great Mr Bill Gates joined hands with Hans to help him achieve his goal of educating the world on income inequality. 

Arguably one of the greatest success of the leap frog effect is Saudi Arabia, when the data began to be kept track of, it was at quite a low point, yet in practically no time ( just a few decades) it has grown to have one of the highest rates of health, welfare and economy growth gains the world has ever seen. 

India shall go through the most rapid phase of development the world has ever seen . And we are present and living in a time when we shall all witness it.  

He also worked on gapminder it self with his son, an amazing resource 

Visit it to challenge your perception of the world we live in.

I learnt a lot from Dr Hans , he opened my eyes so that I could see how beautiful and amazing this world is. His work has educated millions and enlightened many more . But , the world comprises of billions of people and as much as he cherished  it , he acknowledged  the fact that there is a lot of work left to be done . 

I shall do my part and carry the baton forward enlightening people as I come across them and contributing my time and resources when ever I can. 
To the man , the teacher , the sword swallowing and swashbuckling legend ,

From a life long admirer and student,

Good bye doctor Hans , you will truly be missed .  

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