- One of the worlds tallest 3D printed Kinetic Structure

In the summer of 2018, I shipped one of the largest 3D printed design and manufacturing projects I've ever undertaken.(Probably the largest in the world at the time) 

Here is a link to it : 

It is a large scale kinetic sculpture commissioned by a world famous designer name Zivo .

This project was a turning point for me, in terms of utilizing additive manufacturing to build large scale products; I had only ever used additive manufacturing to fabricate small parts, and reflections took me over the edge, not just from an engineering perspective but also from a design and artistic angle. I was forced to think out of the bounding box of my machine (3D printer ) and put together a work of art that accurately portrayed  the message  being conveyed.

Reflections is all about balance, the three sculptures directly correspond to a nuclear family - The father, The mother, and The son. 

Set at a towering height of almost 5 meters for the father , 4.5 meters for the mother and 4 meters for the son, the family is perched on a dome ( the dome of life) that functions just like a Rolly Poly toy, only magnanimous !!.

Weighing in over 3 tons, the entire sculpture moves when the figurines catch the wind just like a sail, they sway from side to side, rolling over till the edge of their world and then due to counterbalancing of the weight of the family, they all roll back in, representing  the ever present and balancing force of family in our Human lives. 

Reflections ask's us the question: Where are we without the ones we love ??

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