Axel's list of Low anxiety songs - My Music Therapy Part 1

I have experimented with music therapy since probably high school and it has always been a great method, I have experience with to control anxiety and cognitive difficulties . Crazy unpredictable things happen to us as life progresses forward, second by second . 

I like to fill these seconds with relaxing music from great artist. This list is most of my current playlist. 

1- Work Playlist : Eiro Nareth's guitar covers are astonishingly amazing, not just in the complexity of his playing style or the un beatable harmonics of a baton rouge guitar but the sheer choice of songs are what impress me the most. Perfect for work listening and unwinding after a long day. My favourite Nareth cover is " My rock and roll " by Bi-2 , definitely one of best all time chillaxing song. Second best cover is defiantly time by Hans Zimmer - 

Trust me you will be hooked onto him for ever.

2- Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam : Greatest hits from apple Music ( That is if your on apple music ). 

I found Cat around 2016 when I was going through a seriously tough phase of life ( more about that later on ) , listen to Peace train.

His simple yet energetic and clean style inspire moments of tranquillity that are priceless. On a normal Cat Stevens binge I start off with Peace train , and end with Sitting .

Sitting has achieved the right to be my funeral song :D . I have pulled through a lot listening to sitting and not to forget classics like Father and son , Wild world ( a super duper hit ) probably the best break up song ever and how can I tell you.  

I suggest listening to the high quality versions of his songs on apple music or Spotify for the best results .

3- Tracy Chapman : I don't even know where to start with Tracy Chapman , the extremely versatile American Folk music supplemented by super strong vocals of Tracy have always drawn me close to her very intimate style. Her songs lyrics typically relate  small town humans and our dreams and ambitions. I cant help it but I will post each song I love of hers here.

a- Fast car 

The simple guitar progression keeps a constant beat through out , this was the first Tracy Chapman song I heard.

b- Baby Can I hold you 

The ghost beats on this one sends chills down my spine all the time.

c- Change 

The guitar work on change is super smooth.

Thats all for today , I will keep updating this list and sharing my choices of songs for music therapy. 

If you have music that reduces anxiety please share it with me in the comments below , I love exploring new music and will review the songs for sure.

Until Next time.