List of books I have read - 2019

This is by far the longest list of  books I have managed to read in the last two years . I wish I could read more , but right now my work schedule just does not permit more reading . 

Sometimes I post reviews of these books . 

This is my review of factfullness -

1- Quantum - Jim Al Khalili
2- The Alliance - Reid Hoffman
3- The sympathizer - Viet thanh niguyen
4- Finding my virgintiy - Richard Branson
5- Feeling good - David D burns
6- The tipping point - Malcom Gladwell 
7- The intelligent investor - 
8- Warren buffet - Letters to the board 
9- Jeff bezos - letters
10- Jim carter - Biography
11- Life on the edge - Jim Al Khalil
12- You must be joking Mr Feynman - Richard F
13- Factfullness - Hans rosling
14- Blink - Malcolm gladwell
15- The graveyard book , Neil gaiman.
16- Talking to strangers - Peter rosengard
17- The structures not scientific revolutions - Thomas S Kuhn
18- Enlightenment now - Steven Pinker
19- The course of love - Alain de botton
20- Creating a world without poverty - Muhammad Yunus.
21- Sophies world - Jostein Gaarder.
22- Loonshots - Safi bahcall
23- Thinking in bets - Annie duke
24- Getting to yes - Roger Fisher
25- Pale blue dot - Carl sagan
26- Blitzscaling - Chris yeh and Reid Hoffman 
27- The billion dollar coach - Jonathan Rosenberg , Eric Schmidt
28- Hard Thing about Hard things - Ben Horowitz
29-  The Art of Startup Fundraising - Alejandro C - Have a audio book

I maintain this list on Evernote , next I will review the Hero with a thousand faces.


A different point of view

In the winter of  December 2018, I visited United states of America for the first time in my Life.

God what a beautiful country !!

These are some photographs of the places I visited.

Equipment : Xiaomi Mi 8 

Camera resolution : 

1- A side glance from the " Highline" 

The Highline is an abandoned railway line in the city of New York , that has be revamped into a public park like environment . 

link to information about the Highline -

Any visit to New York , requires you to pass by the Highline without fail.

This image has received over 6000 views on google maps and makes a great stock image.